Gift Certificate

To order you may call me at 799-1727 or


You may contact me directly at:

441 799 1727 or by e-mail:

Go to:

Clothing Line

Smiles Inc:

StemsiArt is displayed throughout Smiles Inc (Dental Office) located at 14 Dundonald Street Hamilton, telephone 296-0990.
They are avid supporters of my art and welcome anyone to visit the office between 5pm and 6pm visit their website:

Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, US

My first show with Agora Gallery was from the 19th April till the 9th of May 2013

Barracuda Grill:

StemsiArt is displayed at Barracuda Grill in the bar area.  The pieces can be purchased directly from the restaurant - contact the best Bartender Ryan.​