I am Karl.  I was  nicknamed “Stemsi” as a child - hence the brand name “StemsiArt”.

I became fascinated with art at a very early age but it is not until becoming a pastry chef that I put my passion into practice.  My sketching skills served as a base for my award winning wedding cakes and show pieces. 

However, as everything else in life evolves, so has my style of art and material.

First  experimenting with charcoal, pencil and black ink on paper, I later adopted acrylic and mud (plaster) as a preferred medium.  In the process, I developed a true love for working with colours which led me to expand my repertoire by formulating an intricate combination of high quality epoxy, acrylic, plaster and colored sprays, as a new and exciting means to create my vibrant, one of a kind, intriguing pieces. 

Working with epoxy is a very unique experience mainly because I have control of approximately 80% of the final product while the epoxy takes over the other 20%.  This, to say the least, becomes very demanding and occupies my creative mind 24/7,  compelling me to find new ways to challenge my medium.  The process is not easy to control and timing is a critical element. The outcome, however, is well worth the effort and seeing the magic and originality of each piece finding its true form gives me great joy.  The ultimate reward is to finally hang my new creation on the wall under the appropriate lighting  -  that is  when the true intensity of each piece reaches its full potential.

I would describe my art as modern and contemporary.  While my pieces would complement an ultra modern home, hotel, loft or office setting, it could just as well add that eclectic feel to a more traditional environment.

First and foremost just have fun with it!!